Tattoo Aftercare Bandage Roll


About this item

  • ACCELERATE THE TATTOO HEALING PROCESS – Saniderm tattoo care bandages help prevent scabbing, which means accelerated tattoo healing and less irritation. Less scabbing also means the risk of damaging your tattoo is greatly reduced.
  • SHIPS SEALED AND STERILE – Saniderm bandages are the only tattoo bandages that come sealed and 100% sterile. This is important for maintaining a clean and healthy environment that will ensure the best tattoo-healing experience.
  • KEEPS TATTOO COMPLETELY COVERED – During the initial stages of tattoo healing your body will weep fluids that, when left open, can make a mess. Saniderm bandages make healing more convenient by keeping the tattoo completely covered.
    100% WATERPROOF FOR CONVENIENT HEALING – Saniderm bandages are 100% waterproof, which means that you can shower and exercise with the bandage on. Maintain your routine and don’t let that new tattoo keep you from your daily activities.
  • DURABLE AND LATEX-FREE – Saniderm bandages are latex-free and made from high-quality polyurethane that is twice as durable as other tattoo wraps. This means that it will come off in one piece and won’t tear during removal.